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◆ Do not near fire.
◆ Do not terminal be short circuited.
◆ Do not attempt to disassemble, remodel or destroy the  battery.
◆ The battery contains diluted sulfuric acid, a very toxic substance. If the battery leaks and the liquid inside spills on the skin or clothing, immediately wash it off with plenty of clean water. If the liquid splashes into eyes, immediately flush the eyes with plenty of clean water and consult a doctor. 
◆ Batteries shall be charged as soon as possible after using.
◆ The battery are not used for a long period, store it in a place where humidity is lowrefering to “the temperature of storing and method of charge.
◆ Reading carefully the manual before using.

Precaution Before Use
Read the maintaining manual or prevention before use the fixed and sealed valve regulared leid acid batteries, Failure to observe these precautions may cause the battery to overheat, emit hydrogen gas, leak, ignite, or burst,even create sulfuric acid spills from the battery resulting in possible burns to personnel and damage to the immediate environment.Please contact FENGGE  if you have any question of the maintenance manual.

  1. Batteries are able to release the hydrogen,avoiding to keep batteries in airtight place or put in the machine,which can easy to generates sparks.
  2. Do not connect the (+) and the (-) terminals of the battery to each other with a metallic material such as wire; do not allow tools such as pipe wrenches and wrenches to touch points of different voltage on the battery; and do not bring metallic necklace or hair pins into contact with the battery or store them together with the battery. Short circuit can cause to loss of life and personal injury or burst.
  3. Avoid mixed usage of batteries differing in the type,such as Ni-Cd battery,ect,at the same time in case of burst.

  1. Charge the battery using a specified charger or under the charging condition specified by FENGGE. Charging the battery under any other conditions may cause the battery to leak or the possibility of serious injury.  
  2. Protect the battery from rain. If the terminals of the battery come into contact with water, they may corrode.
  3. Take safety measures such as wearing rubber gloves for insulation when checking battery to avoid electric shock.
  4. Make sure to firmly connect the (+) pole of the batteries to the (+) terminal of the charger or load, and the (-) pole to the (-) terminal in the same way.
  5. Do not directly connect with battery as power source in case of electrical faults. 
  6. Do not near fire.
  7. Do not dissociate the batteries,its may be cause to fire,leak liquid.
  8. Be sure to provide enough insulation around the lead wires and /or plates used between the batteries and the application and use a wet cloth , otherwise it may cause the battery to generate static electricity, leading to possible ignition and bursting of the battery.
  9. Be sure replace the battery beyond service life to avoid leak liquid or fire.
  10. If the liquid splashes into skin or eyes, immediately flush the eyes with plenty of clean water and consult a doctor.

  1. Please contact FENGGE if you have any query of properties of batteries and assembly.
  2. Check the battery for any sign of irregularities in appearance after purchase. If there is any damage to the battery case/cover such as cracks, deformation or leakage, replace the battery with a new one,please contact FENGGE in advance.
  3. Keep the battery beyond the reach of small children.
  4. The operating temperature range for the battery is specified below,otherwise its service life may be shortened:
    When storing the battery, remove it from the equipment or disconnect it from the charger or the load and keep it in a place where temperature is low. Do not store the battery under direct sunlight or a high temperatures (140。F (60℃) or higher) or in a highly humid atmosphere, because rusting, deterioration of performance and life of the battery may occur.
  5. Do not charge over the limit value in case of leak, ignite, or burst. 
  6. When the equipment is not used for a long period, remove the battery from the equipment, charge it fully, and store it in a place where humidity is low. Unsatisfactory storage conditions may cause deterioration in battery performance, shorten service life and could cause rust to form on the terminals.
  7. Do not apply a solder directly to the battery terminals in case of leaking liquid.
  8. Keep the battery in the upright position.
  9. Do not apply strong shocks or jolts to the battery.
  10. Do not apply organic solvents such as paint thinner, gasoline, kerosene and benzene or liquid detergents to the battery. If these are brought into contact with the battery case, it may crack, causing leakage.
  11. Recycle used batteries after using and confirm the state out of short circuit.
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