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Storage for dry charged battery


★   Batteries are sealed with aluminum foil when is ready for shipment. It is forbidden to unseal the batteries if they are not ready for use or still for sale to make sure the batteries'good performance.

★   Batteries are forbidden strictly to be upside down,knock on each other when in storage to avoid any damage to the terminals and the containers.

   Batteries should be kept under temperature from 5-40℃, in storage rooms which are clean, dry, with good ventilation and should be kept from heat source, avoid being exposed to the sun.

   Bateries should not be kept under acid or alkaline environment to prevent any corrosion to the terminals and packages.

Storage maintenance for batteries which are filled with acid or used

   Prevent any impurities getting in to the batteries. Vents must be open and clear to avoid disformation of the containers.

   None of the metals is allowed to put on the batteries and the neatness of the battery surface should be kept to avoid shortcut or any discharge.

   Batteries which are filled with acid must be charged fully before storage. Batteries should be recharged every month(stop charging the batteries when a lot of bubbles are generated).

  When batteries are kept for a long period: if the batteries are to be out of service for more than 3 months and less than a year, please fully charge the batteries after the density of electrolyte is adjusted to 1.06g/cm3. When the batteries are ready to use again, please adjust the density of electrolyt to  1.20g/cm3 before the batteries are fully charged. And adjust again the density to 1.28+0.005g/cm3 half an hour before stop charging. If batteries are out of use for one year or above,elecgtrolyt can be poured out and can be charged as stated above again with distilled or pure water.  For Maintenance Free Batteries, due to the tiny amount of self-discharge, can be charged every 3 months. They are usually to be charged for about an hour with 1/10 of the rated current.

   Liquid surface has to be kept 10-20mm over the plates. And it is a must to refill the distilled water timely due to vaporation to avoid oxidation and sulfuration on the plates when they are exposed to air.

Battery Maintenance when in use

   It is forbidden strictly for being under charged or being over charged or over discharged.

   Be ready to refill the distilled water any time. Avoid any impurities to get in the batteries in order to reduce self discharge.

   Keep good maitenance to the parts of the battery by keeping clean of the chain, terminals so that conductivity can be guarranteed.

   Please do routine check on the density of the electrolyte and make sure to know when the batteries has to be recharged. At the same time, please judge the volume of the battery. (the volume will reduce about 10% if the density of the electrolyte falls 0.002)

   Please also do routine check on the voltage of the adjustor. Normally it is between 13.5-14.4V.

   Please pay attention to the level line for the liquid routinely too.To avoid sulfuration on the plates when they are exposed to air.

   The vernts on the batteries hs to be kept unimpeded to avoid explosion when being charged.

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