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Charging is of great important to the daily maintenance to the batteries. Charging equipment and charging techniques are the very basic of the whole charging process. Traditionally there are two ways of charging: charging with constant current or constant voltage and their betterment.

Constant current charging
When charging, current is the same, we have to apply high speed charging device to get the current. The way is operated easily, simple, easy to do it. It charging way especially fits for batteries in series connection, and is easy to recover outdated batteries. It is best to charge with samll current for a long time.

Shortcoming of constant current charging: battery is too samll in early period of charging, battery is too large in the late period of charging. It takes a long time to finish the charging, a lot of gassing, great concussion between plates, it burns much energy. Charging efficiency is not over 65%, it is not for MF battery.

Another way to call constant charging-- period constant current charging: to avoid the high current after charging. Reduce the current in the late period of charging. Therefore, the way we call it descending current charging.

Constant voltage charging
For each battery, we apply some constant voltaga to charge. So in the early period, the current is relatively high.  For high current in the early period, as charging goes on, current is falling gradually, when charging is finishing, current becomes very little.therefore, there is no to adjust the current during the charging process. This is simple for current will become little, and gassing is little, charging time is short, energy saving, charging effiency is up to 80%.

 Shortcoming: in the early period of charging, if discharged too much, charging current will be very high, this not only hurts the engine, also cause damage to the battery due to the high current. If charging voltage is chosen to be too low, and charging current is too small in the late charging period, charging time is too long, it is not fit to charge batteries in the series connection. It is hard to keep the voltage the same, so it is also hard to completely recover the outdated battery when charging.

Constant voltage charging with rated current
As a remedy to Constant voltage charging, Constant voltage charging with rated current is widely adopted. It is like  to connect a resistance between the charging source and the battery. When current is high,the pressure drop on the resistance gets high so that reduce charrging voltage. When current is low, pressure drop gets low,the loss of pressure drop output from the charging device become samller. In such way, charging current is automatically adjusted, which can not pass to some limit, and be controled in the early period of charging.

Pulse charging
In pulse way current will be get to battery,and continue as charging time goes. There is a moment that high current will discharge(negative pulse), to polarize the electrodes. In such way to make sure of low gassing and no heat generated for the aim of short charging time.

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