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 When take out the battery from vehicle,taking from (+) pole to (-) pole,lastly take out the battery.

Keep the terminals of the battery clean. Dirty terminals may cause inadequate contact of the battery to the equipment body, 
leading to power failure or charge failure.

 Load the positive pole in advance,then negative pole in installation.

Make sure install fix avoid shock when the vehicle are moving.

Batteries consist of lead and sulfuric acid,its pollute environment,it should careful for shipment and do not upside-down in case of crashing, catty-cornered over 45°. 

If the liquid splashes into skin or eyes, immediately flush the eyes with plenty of clean water and consult a doctor.

Avoid store to the place with high temperature,its speed up the discharging.

Once the vehicle stop to work beyond 20 days,its should replace the (-) pole wire in case of electric leakage.

Do not store beyond four layer for the fully acid batteries or sealed maintenance free batteries.

Insist first in first out on inventory management.

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