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Like other batteries, after a long period of use, the poles of the battery will change. If the battery life is over, the capacity cannot be regained even if the battery is charged.  
Here are the causes of short battery life:

1.      Deep discharge or over discharge—deep discharge or voltage under limit after discharge will stop the battery from regaining the capacity, which shortens the cycle life. 

2.        Discharge at large current—discharging at large current after discharging a small electric quantity will also shorten the battery life.

3.      Charge at large current—plenty of gas released after charging at large current will erode the plates and run over, which consumes a lot of electrolyte. And that also shortens the cycle life. Please pay special attention to this when charging the battery at constant current.

4.      Over charge—when the battery is over charged, the parts of the battery (plates/separators, etc) will be damaged because of the dissipating of the electrolyte. Therefore, over charge is one of the important factors determining battery life.

5.     Effect of ambient temperature—high ambient temperature will accelerate the deterioration of battery parts. At constant voltage, if charging the battery at over current in high temperature, it speeds up the aging of the plates, which leads to short battery life.

(1)Service life
Figure 1 shows the relations between depth of discharge and cycle time. When charging more deeply, the number of cycle time will reduce.
 Figure 2 shows the relations between battery capacity and float life. Dash area shows the float life.

Figure 1 cycle life

Figure 2 float life

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